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The Pellowes of Penryn
a Family History by Dr E. F. Pellowe, 1964




(44) Calendar of wills proved in Consistory Court of Bishop of Exeter

1591 Pellowe, John Lezant Will
1613 Pellowe, William Lezant  
1613 Pellowe, James    
1614 Pellowe, Robert Mabe (Inventory)
1661 Pellowe, Henry Lezant Will
1663 Pellowe, Thos. Mabe Will
1668 Pellowe, John Lezant Admon.
1672 Pellowe, Julian Mabe Admon.
1679 Pellowe, Robert Mabe Will
1699 Pellowe, Thos. Penryn Admon.
1705 Pellowe, Henry Mabe Will
1707 Pellowe, James Penryn Admon.
1709 Pellowe, John Lezant Will
1710 Pellowe, James Mabe Admon.
1717 Pellowe, Joseph Lezant Will
1725 Pellowe, Charles Falmouth Will
1730 Pellowe, Thos. Mabe Will
1742 Pellowe, Israel Mylor Will
1742 Pellowe, Cath. Penryn Will
1743 Pellowe, Humphrey Mylor Admon.
1763 Pellowe, Bridget Mylor Will
1763 Pellowe, Jane Mylor Admon.
1763 Pellowe, Humphrey Mylor Admon.
1763 Pellowe, William Mylor Admon.


1764 Pellow, John           Lezant     Will           
1766 Pellow, Matth. Mabe Admon.
1771 Pellow, John Lezant Will
1780 Pellow, John Penryn Will
1788 Pellow, John Penryn Admon.
1798 Pellow, James Penryn Will
1763 Pellow, Bridget Mylor Admon.




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