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The Pellowes of Penryn
a Family History by Dr E. F. Pellowe, 1964




(43) These two parishes, just in Devonshire were examined as an after thought. They are very close to Werrington and Lezant.

At Lamerton the registers from 1538 to 1740 show four Pello (or Pellowe) marriages between 1641 and 1672 including that of Thomas in 1641. There are 7 baptisms from 1643 to 1660 and 7 burials from 1643 to 1680. Some of the deceased are named Pellar, Peller or Pella and both Christian names, and this variant of surname are reminiscent of those at Breage.

At Lifton 3 marriages are recorded between 1653 and 1740. In one of these we find Margret d. of John Pellowe of Lezant in Cornwall 1662. This same John is found in the Calendar of wills proved at Exeter in 1668.

There were six baptisms between 1672 and 1730 and six burials.

This concludes the evidence that can be found about the Pellowes of the border parishes. Little or no connection can be found between these and those of Kerrier and yet if the name comes from a place, the border family must have come from Breage. Possibly we must go back to Parkinson and his reference to the break up of the Breage family in the early 17th century. Certainly they do not appear in the Lamerton registers until 1643 although the registers go back to the mid 16th Century.

Moreover there is no reference in the medieval records to Pellowes on the Tamar. The causes that forced some to move to Mabe were the same for the ones that moved east - either economic or religious ones.

A statement that the family originated in Plymouth is not supported by any evidence so far obtained. (44)



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