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The Pellowes of Penryn
a Family History by Dr E. F. Pellowe, 1964




(47) Pellowe references in the Enys collection at Falmouth Free Library.

    1. Penryn Town Account Book 1676. William Pellowe for "putting down Meades Keary" 1676/77. This is not in Roddis' History of 
        Penryn, but we do find Willie the Younger in 1659.

    2. In the Enys Admin Ledger we find Wm. Pellowe 1775 for repairing the vault (at St. Gluvias) 6 5s. 9d.

       In 1776 paid Pellowe (Glaziers) 3 8s. and paid Pellowe (Carpenter) 13 10s. 111/2d. Without doubt, these are our friends Wm. Thomas
       and James Pellowe (see p. 29).

    3. Minutes of Evidence taken on 2nd reading of bill to exclude Penryn (1831) p. 228-240. Evidence of Captain Richard Pellowe R.N.
        (See p. 29.)

       He was born in Penryn and lived there except for service life and four years "in the country."

       Was Chief Magistrate "last year."

       Nicholas Pellowe. Evidence given by Edward Rapson that he gave Nicholas Pellowe 16 to vote for Mr. Stanton. Most others had 8 / 
       10, but Nicholas Pellowe's price was higher and he bargained.

    4. 1827. Samuel Pellow was Collector and Inspector of Aliens at Falmouth and sub-commissioner of pilotage (see p. 20).

    5. 1806. Volunteer Returns. Lieut. Richard Pellowe. (48)



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