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Sir Edward Pellew Group of Islands, Australia. These are a cluster of islands in the Gulf of Carpentaria, near the mouth of the McArthur River on the south-western shore of the Gulf. In 1644 Abel Tasman thought the islands were part of the mainland and named them Cape Vanderlin. Flinders in 1802 proved Vanderlin an island, and he named the group after Captain Sir Edward Pellew (later Admiral Viscount Exmouth) of the Royal Navy. The Edward Pellew Group consists of North, South West, Centre, West and Vanderlin Islands and have a total area of 2,100 square km. Vanderlin, the largest, is 32 km long by 13 km wide.

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The beach at Lalawura, on Centre Island, one of the Sir Edward Pellew Islands in the Gulf of Carp.jpg (39976 bytes)  Map of the Sir Edward Pellew Group of Islands, Gulf of Carpentaria, Australia.  White Craggy Island, one of the Sir Edward Pellew Islands in the Gulf of Carpentaria.

The Sir Edward Pellew Group of Islands



Pellew Island, Jamaica.

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Pellew Island, Port Antonio, Jamaica  Cottage perched over Lagoon  View of Pellew Island from Cottage

Pellew Island, Port Antonio.

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Exmouth Gulf, Australia. The first recorded landing on the Cape was by the Dutch Captain Jacobsz of the Mauritius in 1618.  Australian Captain Philip Parker King later visited in 1818 and named the Peninsula North West Cape, and also named Exmouth Gulf after Admiral Sir Edward Pellew, Viscount Exmouth, a British Royal Naval Officer.  In the coming years Pearl Luggers visited the area form Broome and during World War II the area became important for a military operation named "Operation Potshot".  During the 1950's the area was also known for fishing, pastoral leases and oil exploration.  In  1967 Australia and the US established a communications base in the area and in the same year the town of Exmouth was gazetted as the supporting town to the base.

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Map of Exmouth Gulf, Australia.

Exmouth Gulf.


Palau, Republic of (or Belau, formerly Pelew or Pellew Islands), archipelago (26 main islands) in Pacific e. of Philippines, part of w. Caroline Islands; 188 sq mi (487 sq km); cap. Koror; copra, sugar, breadfruit, bananas; bauxite, phosphates; discovered by Spanish 1543; sold to Germany 1899; made Japanese mandate 1919; became headquarters for entire Japanese South Seas government; naval and air base in World War II; occupied by U.S. 1944; made U.S. trusteeship 1947; internally self-governing 1980; granted total independence 1994; pop. 15,105

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Map of Palau or Pelew Island.

Palau or Pelew Island,
North Pacific Ocean

Palau - Portrait of Paradise
From the book by Mandy Etpison



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