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Quinan - General Sir Edward Pellew


Jane Constantia Pellew, b. 1762 d. 18_. Second dau. of Captain. Samuel Pellew, R.N., (b. 11 Aug. 1712, Mylor, Cornwall. d. 14 Apr. 1765) and Constantia (Constance) Langford, (b. 17_ d. 1812). Youngest sister of Sir Edward Pellew, Viscount Exmouth. Baptised 7 Apr. 1763 at St. Mary the Virgin, Dover. Married 17_  Lieutenant Henry Spriddle, Royal Navy and leaving issue,

1. ? Spriddle, 17_ d. 18_
2. ? Spriddle, 17_ d. 18_
1. Constantia Henrietta Spriddle, b. 1791 d. 1849. m. 1816
Captain John Thomson, b. 1770 d. 1835 Royal Navy and had issue,

1..Constance Thomson, b. 18_ d. 18_. m. 18_ William Henry Clarke, and had issue,

1. ? Clarke
2. ? Clarke

2..Emma Jane Thomson, b. 1824 d. 1910. m. 1851 Dr. Edward Johnstone Quinan, b. 1814 d. 1900, and had issue,

1. Susannah Janet Quinan, b. 1856 (d. infancy).
2. Constantia Henrietta Pellew Quinan, b. 1858 d. 1928.
3. Edward Barrington Pellew Quinan, b. 1859 d. 1897. m. 1883 Martha Elizabeth Finch, b. 1861 d. 1952 and had issue,

1. General Sir Edward Pellew Quinan, b. 1884 d. 1960. m. 1922 Mary Emily Catherine Law (nee Hegarty), b. 1883 d. 1965 and had issue,

1. John Barrington Pellew Quinan, b. 1923 d. 2004. m. 1951 Ann Helen Duncan b. 1924 d. 1996 and had issue,

1. Adam Pellew Quinan, b. 1954. m. 1985 Patricia Ann Pimento, b. 1955 and has issue,

1. Emily Ann Quinan, b.1988
2. Monica Elizabeth Quinan, b. 1991
3. Mark Pellew Quinan, b. 1993

2. Patrick  Duncan Quinan, b. 1956. m. 1981 Helen Margaret Kinchett, b. 1956 and has issue,

1. Katherine Helen Quinan, b. 1984
2. Harriet Sarah Quinan, b. 1987
3. Alexander Duncan Quinan, b.1991
4. Georgina Mary Quinan, b. 1991(twin)

3. Giles Edward Quinan, b. 1957

2. Constance Emma Quinan, b. 1888 d. 1891
3.Barrington William Pellew Quinan, b. 1891 d. 1918

4. Georgina Janet Quinan, b. 1860 d. 1941.

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General Sir Edward Pellew Quinan, b. 1884 - d. 1960

General Sir Edward Pellew Quinan
Born January 1884 - Died November 1960


General Sir Edward Pellew Quinan was born in Calcutta, India. His father died on leave in Dublin when he was twelve years old. The family lived with his grandfather at Harcourt Street, Dublin and Edward was educated at Strangways, Dublin. When his mother remarried a Mr Chadwick, she took his younger brother to live in Glasgow. Edward remained living with his grandparents and aunts in Dublin.


He went to Sandhurst and in 1904 was commissioned into the Royal Fusiliers. He transferred to the Indian Army (27th Punjab Regiment). From 1908-1913 he served in the North Waziristan Militia. In 1913 he returned to the 27th Punjabis and went with them to Suez in 1914, France in 1915 and Mesopotamia in 1916. He served at the battles of Neuve Chapelle, Loos and the attempt to relieve Kut al Amara. He was wounded at Beit Aisa and returned to his regimental depot.


In 1917 he served with the South Waziristan Field Force and received the OBE (Order of the British Empire ). In the same year he served in the Intelligence Bureau in Peshawar. In 1918 he became 2 i/c 2nd Battalion of 117th Maharattas, a unit under training. In 1919 he was G2 Waziristan for the Afghan War. He wrote a book on the operations.


In 1920 he went to the Quetta Staff College. In 1922, when a Major, he became engaged and married Moira Emily Catherine Law (née Hegarty), widow of Ernest Law. From 1923-26 he was DAQMG Meerut. In 1927 He attended the Senior Officers School Belgaum. In 1928 he was appointed 2 i/c 3/8 Punjabis at Chitral and in 1920 succeeded to the command at Jhansi.


In 1930, he was one of two Indian Army officers selected to attend the Imperial Defence College. He was a Brevet Colonel. In 1931 he returned as OC 3/8 Punjab Regiment at Jhansi.


In 1932 he was appointed GSO I (Instructor) at the Quetta Staff College. In 1934 he was appointed to the Jhansi Brigade and went to combat terrorists in Dacca, Bengal (now Bangladesh).


He was created C.B. (Companion of the Bath) and was Aide-de-camp Brigadier to King Edward VIII (1936).


In 1937 the Brigade returned to Jhansi and he was invalided to the United Kingdom with high blood pressure, He convalesced at Osborne in the Isle of Wight. He then rejoined the Brigade for operations against the Fakir of Ipi in Waziristan and was awarded the DSO. In 1938, he returned to Jhansi and was promoted Major General. In 1939 he was appointed to command Waziristan District.


In 1941 he was promoted to Lieutenant General, visited General Wavell in Cairo and Eritrea. He commanded the Corps in the landing at Basra, Iraq. He was appointed GOC British Troops in Iraq (Paiforce) and awarded the KCIE (Knight Commander of the Indian Empire).


In 1942, he planned and executed the invasion of Iran to secure the supply lines to the Soviet Union and to protect British oil installations in Abadan. He was GOC 10th Army in Persia and Iraq Command. In 1943 he became GOCinC North West Army, India. The same year, his medical category was reduced by the Medical Board to "B". Thereupon he retired. In 1945 he was awarded the KCB (Knight Commander of the Bath). He lived in Barrington, Somerset until his death in 1960.


See http://Pellew/Exmouth for details.


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