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The Pellowes of Penryn
a Family History by Dr E. F. Pellowe, 1964




(35) We have explored thoroughly the parishes of Gluvias, Mabe, Mylor and Budock and Breage, but we cannot ignore the others. So we will take them group by group.

    (a) The other Parishes in the Hundred of Kerrier.

There are 17 burials, 27 baptisms and 9 marriages in the parish of Constantine which is adjacent to Mabe and Budock. The family can usually be related to the main stream already described, but since the parish was not a Bishop's Peculiar, the wills can be read at Bodmin and there are two interesting ones. In 1721, John Polew leaves an ewe sheep to a friend and 10/ to his son John who in turn leaves - (to my wife Alice lands called Nansnoy - and after her decease to John Pellowe, younger son of my cousin John Pellew).

The few entries in Perranarworthal and Stithians are Stithians are negligible, and those in Falmouth are after 1700. This is also true of Mawnan, Mawgan in Meneage and St. Martin.

There are 18 burials, 5 baptisms and 2 marriages in Germoe but these have all been taken into account with Breage. Germoe and Breage were not Bishop's Peculiars so we have some wills at Bodmin. John Pellar of Breage, left 102 in 1660. and John Pellar of Germoe, yeoman, made a will in favour of his son, John in 1684. Joseph Pellar was a yeoman at Breage in 1713 and Jonathan, a tinner, left 162 in 1719 but had no direct descendants.

Curiously enough, there were only a few entries for the parishes of Helston and Wendron, which come between Breage/ Germoe and Mabe/Gluvias, etc.

    (b) The Parishes of Penwith.

There are no entries for Buryan or Sennen or Ludgvan.

The almost complete absence of Pellowes in Penzance and its surroundings is rather curious bearing in mind the proximity of Breage. There are no details at all in the Madron Parish Register during the period 1577-1700 and this means that since St. Mary's Penzance was the Daughter Church that there are no Pellowe records for this parish either.

In the parish chest in Madron Church is a small folio volume or rather the covers of one with a few loose leaves which date from 1693. It was originally designed as a register book for the chapel of St. Mary, in Penzance lying in the same parish, but unfortunately, its contents are almost entirely gone and this is the (36) more to be regretted since the earlier entries would have helped to fill up the blanks which occur in the registers of the Mother Church at the latter part of the century.

The entries of the few pages which are left being of later date than 1700, have been embodied in the second book at Madron and this practice of amalgamating the two registers was long continued, there being no separate book kept at St. Mary's until a comparatively recent date. On one of the leaves which remains is recorded the name of the then (1693) magistrates of the town, including, John Pellow, Gent.

Among. the monumental inscriptions in Madron Church is a slab inscribed 'Here lieth the body of John Pellowe Jun of this town, merchant, who died March 1713, in the 36th year of his age, he married Mary, the Dau of Francis Newman of this town, Gent.'

Now the will of this gentleman is preserved in full at Bodmin and we give below: -

'Will of John Pellowe, the younger of Penzance Co: Cornwall, Merchant dated 25th February 1713, Proved 29th July 1714.

To my wife Many, my messuage in Gulvall and messuage in Fry also Frery in Penzance held in lease from John Buller of Morvall, Esq.

To my brother in law Francis Newman, Gent, 20.

To my father John Pellowe, Merchant, a silver watch etc.

To my mother Elizabeth Pellowe two gold rings etc.

To my sister Elizabeth salt now in cellar of Mr. John Jenkins in said town of Penzance.

To my sister Catherine Pellowe pilchard fish now in partnership between me and Alexander Thomas of Penzance (37) and my interest in moiety in village of Newlyn held by lease of Wm. Arundell, Esq., deced, and my fishing boat called 'Coventry'.

To my cousin Catherine Pellowe, now living with and father 5.

To my servant Eliz. Roberts 3.

To my servants Joyance Roberts and Richard Berryman 20/- each.

To John Kellway of Penzance 1 guinea.

To my father's servant Jane Polkinghorne, widow 20/.

Rest of my goods to my father John Pellowe and brother Thomas Pellowe and make them sole Exors.

Witnesses: - Fras. Paynter, junr. and Arthur Paynter.'

(Signed) John Pellow.

Orig. Will - Bodmin - 1714.

And also his father's: -

'Will of John Pellowe of Penzance co: Cornwall. Merchant dated 27th Jan. 1727-28, Proved 26th Sept. 1728.

To my daur. Catherine Hichens, widow, my estate in Manor of Lainsley also in Vounder Vean and new Street.

To her also a debt due to me from Mr. John Jenkins of (38) Penzance, Mcht. She to relinquish her right in part of Capt. Stephen Hutchens legacy.

To my daur. Hawkey 4 and to each of her children (not named) 20/-

To my grandson Richard Hichens 2 guineas.

To my cousin Catherine Pellowe who lives with me 5.

To my servant maid Anne Angwin 40/-

To my son Thomas Pellowe, the rest of my goods and make him Exor.

Witnesses: - John Richards, Wm. Palmer & Win. Nevis, junr.

(the sign of) John Pellow'

Birds Heads

Orig. Will - Bodmin - 1728.

And also his brother's: -

'Will of Thomas Pellow of Penzance co: Cornwall, Merchant dated 9th Sept. 1742. Proved 7th May, 1743.

To my sisters Elizabeth Hawkey and Catherine Hichens, widows, my messuages in Penzance, except Chapple Gardens and co. and that to Richard Hichens, Gent, son of my said sister Hichens.

To my nephews, John Hawkey 300 and Joseph Hawkey 200.

To my niece Elizabeth Hawkey 150. (39)

To my nephew Richard Hichens 10.

Legacies of Wills of Mr. Francis Mask and Mrs. Eliz. Spacy mentd.

To my servant Mary Cardew 5.

(signed) Thos. Pellowe.'

Witnesses:-W. Tremenheere, Win. Tremaine & Wm. James,

Orig - Will - Bodmin -1743.

This is the end of this branch probably growing from the Mabe/St. Gluvias trunk.

The other major parish near Penzance is that of Gulval which contains part of the old manor of Lanisley. There, although the registers begin in 1599, there is no Pellow baptism until 1792, when children of Thomas and later of John Pellew (sometimes spelt Perlew) are recorded. This Thomas is The Thomas Edward mentioned by Parkinson as being noticed by Exmouth in the navy and who left the service to farm. One of his sons was called Israel. There is little doubt that this branch of the family descended from the stewards of Lanisley who wrote the well-known Lanisley Letters.

There were further offshoots in St. Just in Penwith, in the 18th century and one or two records for Redruth and for Crowan, but in general, Penwith Hundred has had few Pellowes. There is a Camborne will at Bodmin for Thomas Pelyowe in 1623 Husbandman and one for Thomas Poleaw of Crowan in 1628.

An examination of the Mid-Cornwall Parishes gave little or no information and my task was clearly done until I came upon an entry at St. Clements near Truro for the marriage of Samuel son of Mr. Richard Pellow of Werrington, Devon in 1714.

I began to explore the records for Werrington and the parishes around and found a persistent pocket of Pellowes that have been there a long time and appear to have nothing to do with the others.

The Subsidy Rolls were examined for the Hundred of East, but eight from 33 Henry VIII to I Elizabeth showed no Pellowes. (40) 

Twelve Rolls for the Hundred of Black Torrington in Devon from 33 Henry VIII to 18 Charles I produced four Pellowe entries all from Werrington, viz. Richard Pelloo in 1545 and Richard Pelloo junior. Again in 1576 we find Richard Pelloo in 1581, and in 1591 John Pellowe.

We now take up the story with the Parish Registers and stare with Lezant. (41)



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