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The Pellowes of Penryn
a Family History by Dr E. F. Pellowe, 1964




(32) There is a family of Pellowes found in Mabe mostly, but rarely in the other parishes, which appears to have little connection with the other members of the family. They are always farmers and there is a Robert Pellowe in 10 consecutive generations.

Robertus the first, is found in Subsidy Rolls of 1584, 1598 and 1599, for Mabe. He pays 5/- on 3 - a typical yeoman's amount for the period - and his will was proved at the Consistory Court in 1614.

Robert the second paid 2/- on 5 in 1660 and in 1662 was taxed for two hearths.

Robert the third, called 'the younger' is a much clearer person and was one of the three sons of Robert the second. Together with Ann his wife, he paid 1 /- in the 1660 Roll and in 1662 was taxed for one hearth. He was Churchwarden of Mabe in 1674 and he it was who at the Visitation reported the vicar of Mylor and Mabe for neglecting his office and not having visited the parish for three years past. Henderson (History of Mabe 1934) records the vicar's reply to the Bishop which was to the effect that he was a sick man and had arranged with the vicar of Constantine, for him to supply the needs of Mabe with one service a fortnight. No wonder that the church building decayed, the registers were lost and the list of those 'presented' for not coming to church increased. Many of the nonconformists or dissenters were Quakers and the following extract comes from 'Record of the Sufferings of Quakers in Cornwall'. This book edited by Dr. Penney, and published by the Friends' Book Centre, is a record of what happened to the Quakers all over the county during the period 1665-1686.

'Also taken from jo ; Scantlebury off Falmouth aforesd by ye officers off ya tounds ffor a ffine imposed upon him and his wiffe ffor beinge att ye meetings aforesd - diverse thinges to ye value off 5 10s. (A long list of people and things taken from them follows) - by John Reede and Jo Pello Constables.' Taken from William Trethowan 'off ye parish ye 5th of ye 5th month - by Henry Pello and Robt. Pellow, constables - 3 ffat sheepe worth l for a fine of 15s.'
Robert the third died in 1679, and his will was proved at the Consistory Court in Exeter the same year.

The second son of Robert the 2nd. was William who married (33) Ann and was Warden of Mawnan in 1650. A Warden during the interregnum was a type of J.P. and was responsible for moral welfare rather like the watch committee of today. One of his duties was to keep the vagabonds on the move and to avoid them being charged on the rates. He had part time constables who were paid 6p. each time they were called out. William died in 1718, and of his six children only William had descendants and from these, some families in the area today may be able to trace a connection.

The third son of Robert was James who married Rebecca at Mawnan in 1682 and died at Mabe in 1710. The only record we have of him is that in 1685 he was one of the signatories of a petition to the Bishop of Exeter for a seat in Gluvias Church (Note 'he was not asking for a seat for himself but was only supporting the petitioner').

Robert the third had three children of whom we know little. but of these Robert the 4th had a son Robert the 5th who married Mary of Mylor at Gluvias in 1703. A deed exists in which in 1714, Robert Pellow of Mylor, yeoman, and Mary his wife, made an assignment to John Oliver of Falmouth of the lease of a four acre close in Mylor, called Bliskawe alias Bleaskawe. The Pellow interest in this close derived from Mary who was one of the 3 lives in the original lease of 99 years granted by Richard Bonython of Carclew. A terrier of the parish of Mylor dated 1745 and referred to by Olivey (History of Mylor 1907 page 102) describes the gift of Bolesco, a four acre close, by Richard Bonython to the Vicarage Glebe.

Robert the 6th married at Budock in 1737 and was buried there in 1790. His children including William and Robert the 7th, had several descendants. This Robert married Ann Nowell in 1768. In the Consistory Court records page 2139, in the cause of the will of Nathanial Roberts, late of Budock, yeoman, the inventory of goods includes a leasehold tenement called Great Hill Croft and a cottage in Budock during the lives of Thomas Nowell aged 56, and Ann the wife of Robert Pellow. (34)



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